A design agency with experience and vision

Designing a website

A website is a great way of promoting your business. The costs are low and as the internet never closes you can be sure your company will be advertised all around the clock.

For your site to go live, you will need a domain name and web space, which are both included in the list of web packages.

If you want to have me design your site I will chat with you to get a sense of what you are looking for, make 2 or 3 basic layouts, gain feedback and do anything that is necessary till you are happy with the format. Once you are pleased with the design I would then need content for the pages i.e. pictures and content text.

Photo Restoration & Retouching

These days it's amazing what you can do with old pictures that have been hurt over time. It could be the case that you have an old picture of your family that needs restoring or you might just want the background or other effects applied to a photo.

Please look through the slideshow to see some of my restoration and retouching work.


It’s not just about how the site looks, but how it’s written. There is so much more to putting a quality website together than just a pretty design and some pictures. Sure, you probably know someone who will do it for a couple of hundred quid, or your friend's son does a bit of that sort of thing, he can do your website for you.


Welcome to our graphic design business which focuses on providing clever advertising and marketing services for print, websites and discs.

Do you have to promote your business?

If you want more sales, to educate and inform the answer is yes. As you know, to keep ahead of your competitors you must have solid marketing material – a cleverly designed and targeted website, a brochure or even an advert to place in a local newspaper or magazine.

Where can you get these services?

You go to a company like ours. No matter how you choose to market your business, whether you go for direct mail, leaflets, flyers, or posters, we can do the job for you. From coming up with ideas through to production, we work with you to help champion your business and get results!

Why us?

If you choose to use us your business will gain from:

  • over a decade of experience and knowledge
  • our professional accreditations and prizes
  • a unique one-to-one service, giving you help every step of the way

We use traditional methods and values as well as the new to form online trends and fresh ideas that are skilfully executed. This high standard of design is made possible and is ensured because of our experience and vision.


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